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A law firm dedicated to assisting others in reaching financial freedom.  If you are being sued or harassed by creditors and threatened with financial ruin, it is time to learn your legal rights. Defend yourself, your family and your home!  It is time to consult with a law firm that focuses in debt relief, foreclosure defense, and bankruptcy.

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Debtor Defense

You have just been served with court papers claiming that you owe thousands of dollars to some unknown creditor.

A lawsuit has been brought against you, and it is now time to sit back and carefully consider your own legal options.

If a complaint and summons has been served upon you, the worst thing to do is to do nothing.  If you fail to have an answer filed on your behalf and thereby contest the proceeding, a default and default judgment will eventually be entered.  You will not have your day in court, and it will be difficult to negotiate any equitable settlement.  An answer and affirmative defenses should be filed!


How much time do you have to file an answer?

It depends upon which state the lawsuit was filed.  Normally, one can review the summons and the deadline to answer will be boldly displayed on the summons.  Depending on your state and the manner in which you were served, the deadline to answer the complaint will normally be between 10 days and 30 days.


What if you do not file an answer in a timely manner?

In certain circumstances a default judgment can be set aside, do not limit your legal options by failing to act in a timely manner.




While bankruptcy can be a very compelling financial tool, it certainly is not the option that anyone should lightly undertake.

Our firm will review your specific situation to assist you in reaching the correct decision at no initial charge.


Many have found relief from certain financial difficulties by undertaking bankruptcy protection. Are you being continually harassed by creditors? Is your residence being threatened with foreclosure? Are you are facing the financial uncertainty of a wage garnishment? Has your automobile been repossessed? If you are facing one of these urgent problems, you should be cognizant that millions have found relief from similar problems by filing for bankruptcy protection.


Bankruptcy can often stop foreclosure proceedings. It can stop the harassment by creditors. Judgments that have resulted in wage garnishments can often be discharged. Medical bills, deficiency judgments on a repossessed automobile and utility back payments can often be handled. A free consultation with our firm can help you decide whether your urgent financial situation can be helped by the filing of a bankruptcy petition.


Chapter 7 or Chapter 13?


Creditor Harassment

Have you had debt collectors call you at unreasonable hours? Have they used underhanded tactics, threatened, or harassed you?

If so, you might be able to collect money damages against the same people who are trying to collect money from you.

If any of your creditors utilizes a third party to collect a financial obligation allegedly owed by you, then the third party debt collector is required to strictly comply with the provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).  The provisions of this act are very specific, and any of the following violations may allow you to make your own claim for compensation against the debt collector:


1.    Did the debt collector call before 8:00 am or after 9:00 pm?
2.    Were you asked to pay interest, late fees, attorney fees, or expenses that are not allowed by law?
3.    Were third parties repeatedly called in an effort to obtain your location?
4.    Did the debt collector use obscene, profane or abusive language?
5.    Were third parties informed about your indebtedness?
6.    Did the debt collector call repeatedly or continuously?
7.    Were you asked to pay more money than you actually owed?



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Billing and Credit Reporting Violation

The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) allows credit cardholders a method to dispute incorrect credit card billings.

If one follows the correct procedure, the cardholder can dispute the charges and temporarily withhold payments on the disputed amount without affecting one’s credit score.


The cardholder has a very limited period of time for which to dispute a charge.  Accordingly, the cardholder must be ever vigilant and scrutinize each monthly card statement.  After the statement has been mailed, the cardholder only has 60 days within which to report a billing error.


What are typical credit card billing errors?


The following are common errors that are often found pursuant to the FCBA:
1.    Credit card statements mailed to an incorrect address.
2.    Failure to properly set forth payments or charges on the account.
3.    Charges for items that were never received.
4.    Charges set forth on the statement in the wrong amount.
5.    Charges reflecting the purchase of fraudulent services or defective goods.
6.    Statements reflecting calculation errors for payments, interest or charges.




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